Sunday, 25 November 2012


Justin grasped the sides of the toilet, beads of sweat running down his face. He grunted, he so badly wished he would have brought his phone into the bathroom with him. Thinking back, he shouldn’t had eaten three bean burritos at dinner but had been so hungry.

Justin said a silent thanks to the Lord that no one was home. He was sure his grunts were loud enough to be heard echoing through his huge home.

But who could blame him, his butthole was on fire. He could feel his anal walls being pressed apart roughly by the sheer size of his waste. The worst part was the little fucker refused to come out. Justin had already been sitting here for 20 minutes and he sure that there was now bright red toilet seat marks on his cheeks.

Justin took a deep breath, his lungs and chest muscles were strong from hours of singing, he could do this. He counted to three before exhaling deeply and pushing with all the strength his body could muster.

Justin wanted to stab himself in the leg to compensate for all the pain his butt was feeling right now. The waste was out, but now his hole was stretched and burning. Justin recalled some breathing exercises he used to do and began inhaling and exhaling at an increased pace. Slowly the pain began to ease.

He wiped his butt, the toilet paper soft on his skin. He exhaled with relief. He pulled his pants up and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He took one last look at the toilet that had brought him so much misery. Looking closer at the pile of feces in the bowl he noticed something moving along the mess.

“Oh my god,” he squinted his eyes, “Selena is that you?” Indeed, it was his girlfriend Selena Gomez swimming in the mess. Justin immediately flushed the toilet, how disgusting. He hoped he wouldn’t have nightmares from this experience.

p/s: this is my first time ever I wrote a short story by myself. As the beginning of writing a funny fansfic lol I hope you'll laugh.


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